Our mission

Helping each patient relieve his pain and achieve optimal functional performance to improve well-being and quality of life

  • 1994

    Electro-Therapy Service

    under the direction of Linda Lahaie

    With a strong desire to help people suffering from chronic pain, Ms. Lahaie founded her company to offer patients a treatment option using electrotherapy that includes personalized support.

    Ms. Lahaie knew how to prepare the next generation. Indeed, she had seen in Véronique Lamy – a therapist who had worked for more than nine years on her team – all the entrepreneurial skills to become the next owner of the company.

  • 2009

    Electro-Therapy Service

    under the direction of Véronique Lamy

    “30 years old and a mother of two young children, managing a business with all that entails was quite a challenge. But thanks to the enthusiastic support of my husband Eric, I took the opportunity. My goal: helping people suffering from chronic pain, everywhere in Quebec.” - Véronique Lamy, President

    Véronique surrounded herself with electrotherapy specialists who forged quality relationships with health professionals. With high-quality devices and personalized patient support, the company has become the reference in electrotherapy in Quebec.

  • 2016

    We innovate with

    Functional Electro-Therapy

    We believe that pain management should be easily integrated into daily activities. Therefore, we have developed Functional Electro-Therapy, an innovative approach that uses transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) both at rest and during activities

    In collaboration with the health community

    Health professionals value Functional Electro-Therapy and our unparalleled personalized services for one simple reason: we greatly improve health outcomes.

    Treating pain while being active or even at rest encourages the patient to move and perform strengthening exercises, which promotes physical rehabilitation.

    When the treating health professional considers that Functional Electro-Therapy is suitable for the patient's condition, we're ready to take care of the patient promptly.

    Patient First

    • The therapeutic experience begins with a home visit by a therapist who to introduce the patient the use of TENS according to his/her lifestyle and pain management objectives.
    • A therapist follows up with the patient, usually 10 working days after the beginning of the treatment.
    • Finally, we conduct an annual follow-up and provide patient support by phone

A word from the President

With over 20,000 patients who have undergone electrotherapy treatment and nearly 1,500 health professionals trained in Functional Electro-Therapy, I'm proud of our achievements and I want to help even more people improve their health through our products and services

- Véronique Lamy, President

Providing Help and Hope to Those in Need

Organizing projects for people going through a difficult time is at the very heart of our corporate culture

In Quebec

We give mothers a moment of respite

We support several organizations in our community, including the Centre Marie-Ève in Saint-Jérôme, which assists new mothers in hardship.

The holiday season is an especially difficult time of year for people living in insecurity. Our team organizes a special dinner that culminates with the visit of Santa Claus.

In Quebec

Our support for suicide prevention

As a GOLD partner, we're very proud to support this cause by offering financial support to the Défi On roule pour toi.

The mission of this challenge is to raise funds for the Association québécoise de prévention du suicide, to encourage people to seek help when things go wrong and to publicize resources.

Make a donation

In Quebec

Our support for the Association Québéçoise de la Douleur Chronique (ADCQ)

On January 27, Véronique Lamy, President of Service d'Électro-Thérapie, had the pleasure of greeting Ms. Céline Charbonneau, President of the AQDC, to present her a donation of $3,455 to support the AQDC's mission to improve the condition and reduce the isolation of people with chronic pain in Quebec.

Service d'Électro-Thérapie specializes in pain management through the optimal use of TENS and Functional Electro-Therapy. If you or one of your loved ones are suffering from chronic pain, talk to your health care professional, he or she will be able to put you in touch with us!


a humanitarian project in Honduras

This unforgettable trip gave us the opportunity to encourage young people persisting in their efforts to build a better future.

  • TENS donations to the maternity and physiotherapy departments of Escuela Hospital
  • Visiting an impoverished neighbourhood, we helped build three houses for families in need
  • Toys, beautiful clothes and a lot of affection for the two children sponsored by Electro-Therapy Service
  • TENS donations to a prison for young men


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