TENS Devices


Established in the Montreal area since 2007, Électro-Médic manufactures high-end transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS). Electro-Medic designs TENS intended for an autonomous use at home.


Well designed and affordable, this quality TENS effective in treating the majority of uncomplicated pain.

This TENS produces a comfortable and perfectly safe current. In addition, with its 3 settings, the CARE presents an intuitive interface for the patient at home.

Optimize results with free Functional Electro-Therapy coaching at home or by phone.

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Thanks to its leading edge technology, the SOUL reliefs efficiently different types of pain. This model offers 10 settings(7 preset and 3 adjustable). The SOUL gives the patient several treatment options, including the massage sensation.

Optimize results with free Functional Electro-Therapy training at home or by phone.

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Based on advanced science, the NOVA highly appreciated by health professionals and patients for its efficacy and ease to use.

With it 11 adjustable settings and 3 customizable programs, NOVA allows precise adjustment of settings to meet the needs of patients with complex pain. Furthermore, patients with signs of hypersensitivity will find in the NOVA the perfect TENS for them.

Optimize results with free Functional Electro-Therapy coaching at home or by phone.

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TENS and Muscle Stimulator Devices


Founded in Sweden more than 30 years ago, the brand has become one of the most renowned brands in the industry.


A device specially designed to relieve the pain that a pregnant woman may experience.

New mothers use FEMINA before (heavy legs, sciatic pain), during (relief of severe pain) and after (relief of muscle pain) childbirth.

Optimize results with free Functional Electro-Therapy coaching at home or by phone.

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The REHAB X2 innovates with state-of-the-art engineering that combines TENS pain management (5 presets) and NMES muscle stimulation for muscle rehabilitation (22 adjustable settings). The device also offers 3 adjustable settings.

Optimize results with free Functional Electro-Therapy instruction at home or by phone.

Please note that the teaching on the use of this device must be done in collaboration with your treating therapist.

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TENS/NMES/denervated muscle stimulator


Chattanooga a world leader in physical rehabilitation devices that continually contributes to advancing science which has devised an innovative denervated muscle stimulator.


This ultra-modern device combines TENS, NMES muscle stimulation and denervated muscle stimulation (loss of nerve signals that can lead to muscle degeneration).

Stimulation of the denervated muscle helps to maintain the muscle's contractile properties following trauma such as crushing or surgery.

This device is used under medical prescriptions and requires physiotherapy follow-up.

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Implantable Neuromodulation System

  • A technology approved by Health Canada, the Food and Drugs Administration (USA) and the CE Mark (EU).
  • An innovative and minimally invasive technology often at a lower cost than other implantable systems on the market.
  • A procedure that allows to progress to the test phase with the permanent system.
  • A new technology that offers an additional high quality therapeutic option:

For patients

  • Who cannot have a battery implanted for medical considerations;
  • Who are reluctant to have a battery implant for aesthetic, pain or safety reasons;
  • Who require full MRI without restrictions
  • Who need a review of their system and want to avoid another surgery

For patients and physicians

  • Who are looking for a solution that offers the possibility to adapt to the next technological advances without having to change the battery
  • Who want access to all therapeutic modalities (Tonic, Burst***, 10 000 Hz)
  • Who are looking for a shorter procedure ( as there is no battery) and simpler programming

Although implantable electrotherapy technology requires a long evaluation process, if Stimwave is the preferred solution in your situation, this treatment may well transform your life!

If you are already in an assessment process with your physician, please contact us to discuss whether Stimwave is a potential solution for you. Afterwards, we will be able to meet with your physician in order to provide him/her detailed information on this new technology. By this approach, we aim to support your physician in prescribing the best pain management treatment based on your health condition.

Fill out the contact form or call us now, and one of our Functional Electro-Therapy therapists will be pleased to help you.

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For more information about Stimwave 

* Functional Electro-Therapy training for patients : Contact us to check service availability in your area.

** Treatment during pregnancy: Consult your physiotherapist to validate the application of TENS on the lumbar region.

*** Burst is a registered trademark of St.Jude (Abbott). The brand is mentioned only to make our offer easier to understand. Our modality, which is similar to Burst, is called Stimsurge.

Electrotherapy is medically recognized and the rental or purchase of a TENS device is covered by most insurers, the SAAQ, the CNESST and Veterans Affairs Canada


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